Now M&S hacked????

    Website security has gone out the window!! It was Play the other day and now M&S? Wonder how serious these so called big stores are when it comes to data security?

    "Marks and Spencer said that customers' financial details were safe."....Don't know whether to believe them.



    No such thing as a 100% secure network.

    Already get dozens of spam emails a day so unless they stole passwords or card data it's not so bad.

    I am getting a lot more junk now after the hack.

    Did anyone get the Next one ? dunno if its a scam but I got one from Next offering me discounts, but when I opened it it took me to a website which wasnt set up yet. Thought hmmmmmmm but then gave them the benefit of the doubt and just deleted it as a broken link type thing. Got it later again that day but this time it was all set up. They wanted sign in details, card details etc, looked proper legit too but the page it took you to was not a Next page and not an https effort. Again I deleted it, IF its all legit and there were discounts to be had oh well I missed out but I aint giving anyone my card details unless I am paying a bill.

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    SO far the hacking is limited to marketing affiliates of big stores which means they can steal your email and perhaps postal address. I wonder how secure are the store's own website which stores credit card info etc?
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