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Hello everyone!

I have a basic Now TV box in the living room but am looking to get a second for the bedroom (on the same account). As far as I am aware, this is possible to do however, I was wondering if any of you on here have a similar set-up and how well it works for you?

Many thanks.

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I have 3 in my house all set up on the same account but only 2 can be used at the same time

You can have four devices but only two can be watched at once I was told

You can have up to 4 boxes on one account

I have one box and dad 300 miles away has one, both attached to my account so while it costs me he gets it for free.

as previously said. 4 allowed on each account but only watch on 2 at same time

My eldest daughters have the apps on their phones plus a box at their mams house so they can watch when they're not with me.
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