NOW TV – Excellent customer service the 2nd time this year.

    I want to thank NOW TV for excellent customer service yet again.
    I bought 4 Sky Sports Week passes on eBay in August and they all checked out fine with my account and I checked with NOW TV via chat and the expiry dates were long.
    Went to use one for the first time over the weekend and all 4 showed the same error code.
    Connected to customer service via chat and he gave me 4 new codes even though it seems as if the codes had been sold a second time by the seller and activated by someone else which was not their fault.

    Also, I lost a NOW TV card with 4 or 5 day Sports passes a few years ago and when it turned up this year they had expired.
    Contacted them via chat and cheekily asked if I could have one free pass and was given the exact number of passes that I’d had.

    Great service and the streaming is solid for me too; better than BT Sport or Amazon and maybe similar to Netflix.
    The one thing I don’t like is the interface when using a web browser as the Continue Watching page only shows a small number of programmes and ignores many for some reason.
    That means if you want to continue watching a show not in that list it gives you no clue as to which season or episode you last watched. Netflix and Amazon are much better at that.



    Buying sky sports week passes. If you know, you know

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