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    Has anyone who had taken 4 month £3.99 now tv cinema pass retention deal got another one after when you go to cancel? Or was it a 1 time offer then it's £9.99 for ever or cancel or do what others appear do and buy boxes to get the passes e.g. £19.99 box with 4 months (£5 a month) then add to your account within 31 days of offer finishing?


    I would like to have been offered a retention but wasn't....

    yeah I did you will keep getting the same offer make sure you cancel before they take the money

    I have 4 6 months entertainment passes for £18 if anyone is interested

    If you click cancel, say you can't afford it then click going to Netflix, they then offer it to you cheaper, can't remember how much.

    Yes, I have done this quite a lot, the first few times I got it for £6.99 for 3 months, this time I managed £3.99 for 3 months. Just say you want to cancel because you can't afford it.

    I do it every time for both movies and entertainment. Always can't afford, always get a rentention deal.
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