Now TV Fibre Experiences?

Found 28th Oct 2017
Completely renovating my house and have had the entire house hardwired e.g. ethernet, coax etc. with virign media connections installed for broadband and tv. however, my virign contract is due to expire in a couple of months time and trying to get an option where the connections for BT/Plusnet fibrebroadband can be installed without taking a contract with them at this moment in time hence the NowTV broadband question.
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I often eat muesli and not just for breakfast and have no problem with watching Now TV over a Virgin Media connection.

Joshing aside, I'm not 100% clear what you are asking!
Now TV doesn't use much bandwidth so if you have a BT fibre connection with no data caps you will be fine.
If you want to have BT installed they charge in the region of £120 just to connect a landline and they would normally only do that if you take a contract unless it’s a new build in which case it would probably be some kind of trade cost. BT are generally pretty terrible compared to Virgin. I’ve had both. Virgin is better if you go on the 300mb as it’s not traffic managed for uploads.

I have broadband only contract. (Have had tv and landline in past but didn’t use it and it cost more). Have vonage over the broadband and transferred Virgin landline number across (less than half the cost per month and completely unlimited uk calls).
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