Now TV – managing passes on new Sticks when you have an old account!

Posted 23rd Nov
I am aware that the Now TV Sticks have the passes embedded into them these days but don’t know how that affects people that have old accounts and want to use the passes with those. So a few basic questions:

1. If I login to my old account on the Stick will the passes be added to the account automatically and when are they activated?
2. I currently have an active Entertainment pass which runs until mid February so if the Stick has an Entertainment pass how will that be handled? I don’t want to mess with the current pass as it’s less £1.60 per month.
3. Is it possible to buy and login into a new Stick using the same account every month and have the passes on that new stick added to the old account? Especially with a 1 month Sports or do they limit how many of these passes can be added?
4. Can you stack passes such as the 1 month Sports and activate as you need them?
5. I won’t be using the sticks to view TV so hopefully once the passes have been added to my account I can logout of the Stick and sell it on? Or do the passes stay linked to the Sticks until activated?
6. Is there an expiry date for the passes on the Sticks?

Basically I want to buy a bunch of sticks that are on offer and use them in the future with an old account.
I will ask Now TV but I’m not sure the staff will be able to answer such questions.
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Q1: Yes - you'll get a code when setting up the stick asking you to create/login to your NowTV account. The free pass will then sit in the ents/cinema section waiting for activation, you have to activate else it will still bill if you have active pass/trial.

Q2: sorry, no idea.

Q3: Yes, buy away. Sticks are like electronic passes.

Q4: There is likely to be a limit to many you can stack.

Q5: you can sell the sticks once you have activated the device. The pass will be linked to your account, not the device. CeX offer £3 atm for GradeA.

Q6: They don't tell you there is but likely they have some form of shelf life, a quick chat to NowTV should resolve any issues. But how many do you plan on stock piling?
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Q6. I have seen on promotional material that they are valid 12 months from the date of purchase. But in practice they have no way to tell when each stick is purchased so they must supply them with a valid date greater than 12 months. I still have an old style pass to use that expired, despite being purchased less than 12 months ago.
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