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Posted 2nd Sep
Struggling to find cheap NOW TV entertainment passes. My usual supplier on Amazon seems to be gone, and I can’t find any decent deals on eBay. Stupidly I refused an offer of £5-99 from Now TV when cancelling, thinking I could get a better deal, elsewhere!!
So where’s everyone getting their passes from, hopefully I don’t have to pay £9-99!
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I’ve been looking too. I managed to get a two month movie on cd keys. But no entertainment ones recently, I only have meerkat movie code for swaps if anyone interested, PM
Go onto NowTV, sign in and see if you can get any deals. Have a look in the offers section. It’s usually account specific. Might be something there
Open a new account and do the free trial whilst you wait for codes lol
Use your clubcard vouchers to buy nowtv credir. 50p = £1.50 of nowtv
m1keyp1key02/09/2020 17:08

Use your clubcard vouchers to buy nowtv credir. 50p = £1.50 of nowtv

Tesco account required though.
fearona02/09/2020 17:43

Tesco account required though.

Yep, but the question was where do people buy from, and that's where this person (me) buys from.
I have a code that I got from adidas if that’s any use as I don’t need it? I think it’d for sports and cinema and one for entertainment. The entertainment one though is 11.99 a month after that I noticed but it’s a free months pass.
Try gumtree, there used to be a seller on there!
Looks like the end of the cheap codes from amazon/cd keys is near, and they bumped the prices up recently too. Best thing to do i’ve found is cancel with the “nothing to watch” option and they usually offer you a lower price for 3/6 months if that’s not low enough cancel via the live chat, if you get a nice employee on the other end they have given me 3 months free month codes in the past or very low (£3 a month for 3 months etc) pot luck though
I'm also looking for a Now TV entertainment package. Currys on Ebay have a 2 month pass for £10 which I have bought although it is 48 hour delivery.

I've found the two ads on Gumtree and sent them a message - thanks for the tip!
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