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Found 12th Nov 2017
As SKY won't play ball with a half decent offer I'm about to sign up to Now TV, the box I've bought comes with a two month entertainment pass and I know I can get a two months cinema pass via my Chromecast but can I get anything as a new customer before I use the passes? Looks like they offer a 14 day trial but wondered if there was anything better out there before I sign up? I did also nab one of the pringles sports codes the other day so that's in the bag for a suitable day. Thanks in advance for any help.
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It’s often cheaper to buy new boxes just for the passes, use the pass and sell the boxes on. Just remember to cancel payment to now tv.
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It's cheaper just to buy the entertainment passes from eBay for around £4 click.
Also if you wanted them to offer you the passes half price, cancel your sub then click the resaon why you are leaving is that it's too expensive then they will offer you it for half price.

Also Sky own NowTV btw.
zirk44 m ago

I believe there is a 6 months Pass Offer on the Website at the moment for …I believe there is a 6 months Pass Offer on the Website at the moment for 20 pound something, also see here - to QVC? Get £5 off your first order with code FIVE4U which brings it down to £15

Cheers, I've bought one of the boxes from QVC so will have 5 months worth of entertainment passes with the 3 months from this deal and the 2 months I got with the other box I bought.
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Glad it helped.
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