now tv rudely removed Game of Thrones, where else can i find it?

if you have sky its on sky boxsets.
have an android device ?

hd cinema / showbox
your favourite torrent site?
Just Apple TV and we are with virgin :-/

have an android device ?hd cinema / showbox

yup Google showbox.apk download it and your away or if on the pc download bluestacks I think it's called n it enables your pc to run android stuff on it

Just Apple TV and we are with virgin :-/

Apple TV 2 or 3 ?
Is this definate? Can anyone please confirm.
Do you mean Series 5 (definitely still there, apart from Ep1) or earlier series?
Each episode of the current series is there for 30 days, the earlier series were on NowTV before the start of this season but looks like they have been pulled (standard NowTV practice). S5 Ep1 has passed the 30 day mark, so not available legit until DVD/BluRay arrives.
No it's the previous seasons .. I was half way through the 2nd & had only just signed up, of course BEFORE u sign up there's no notice they are going to pull the series on a certain date, it's once they have your money you get to see.
torrent watch it all for free.
Showbox has them just dont watch until tuesdays as everyone streaming and at worst speed for first two days after air
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