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Considering getting a now tv stick are these any good and info would be app
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Depends what for, generally I think fire stick is superior
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Depends what for, generally I think fire stick is superior

Depends what your needs are really, but generally fire stick is superior because it's on an Android platform. If you're just a bod who needs it for Now TV then get a Now TV stick.
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Roku is worth a look more choice of apps.
I got a fire stick a little while ago and it is fantastic. I only really use it for Netflix and iplayer, and my girls use YouTube. We don’t watch that much tv really so it replaced our sky box and therefore saved me money every month
Firestick might be more superior but if they want a Now TV stick so can access Now TV, then the firestick is completely pointless.

Now tv stick is better than either of the older small black or white boxes, its not as good as the more expensive smart box but for £15 on offer its a bargain. Same cant be said on the quality of their streams lately, seems to be more buffering ian connection issues at moment then there usually is
As above, get a Roku.

It will run NowTV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and dozens of other services.
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