Now TV Vouchers. Can you check if the code is valid?

Posted 28th Feb 2016
Hi. I wondered if anybody knew if you could check the code on a Now TV voucher? Seen as there is no expiry dates printed on the vouchers how are you supposed to know the pass you bought is still working or not? Is there some place you can check?
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They aren't made for resale so doubt they'll have a system to show you validity. You find out when you activate it and should only use ones supplied with the purchase of a box or via official website. Most people selling them are just selling codes they take out boxes that are from Argos clearance or other promotional deals so if it's one of these nothing you can do except try to activate it. If it's one you got with an official box then you can assume it's working and request a replacement if it doesn't. No one will help from now tv however if bought unofficially especially from eBay so they are bought at your own risk.
mine ran out before I used it. I rang tv now saying nothing to say expiry date, got from argos they honoured it and gave me a new code
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