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nowtv - can it stream media from my NAS?

Posted 8th Dec 2013
Looking at the nowtv boxes for a tenner.

Can they stream media from my NAS - I tried searching and found that it said it couldn't, but then I found an app list which said it had one called playto which I could use my phone to select the media and play it to the TV via DNLA.

So can it?

At the moment I have an Android stick on the TV upstairs with BubbleUpnp and XBMC to play media from my NAS, on the main TV I have my original old xbox setup as an XBMC to do the same. I have one more TV which doesn't have access to the NAS so I thought this might be a good solution for £10.
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I watched a youtube video the other day that showed how to install plex on it, when i am back on pc i shall find the link
I have it running the plex app just fine. You need the plex media server running on a pc or a compatible NAS and the install the plex app using these instructions - http://www.strayed.co.uk/2013/07/29/how-to-add-plex-to-a-now-tv-box/

Plex runs great on it but the pc/nas needs to be decent as that does all the transcoding for movies so it takes a min or so to start. Music is instant though.
Don't really want to use Plex, tried it and didn't like it so have the setup set round xmbc / windows smb shares. The NAS is ultra reliable and quick but is aging now - it runs Linux but I don't really want to install anything else to it. Our music collection and DVD collection is stored on the NAS (and backup) and played around the house on music players and TV's - just the last TV that I need something for!

So would the playon app not do the job?
Now tv is no good then because as far as I know it only has plex or mediaserver apps available.

I have used xbmc among others and I prefer plex myself. Once setup right its a nice looking HTPC setup. Got the new home theatre software on a revo rl80 and it runs great.
An old post but I've been successful playing media on NowTV from a NAS without Plex or a computer.

I'm using a HooToo TM02 (TripMate Nano) £15 from Amazon to provide NAS access via wifi. It's a very cool little micro router with USB and DLNA that broadcasts on its own wifi network (though it also has ethernet).

I then use the PlayTo Channel on the NowTV and use an Android phone running the PlayTo app (by Dayglows) as the remote controller (try the free version until you are happy it works for you) to cast the media to the NowTV. You could also use another DLNA browser as the file picker and only use PlayTo as the player.

There is obviously no transcoding done, so you need to cast the types of media supported by the NowTV/Roku (mainly H.264 video)
Sure, it's very simple and quick.
Personally, I use the media streaming apps that can wirelessly stream your media to different devices. I've been using for a long time ArkMC(for iPhone/Android) and ArkMS(for Mac). That's better than spend lots of money on adapters or different sorts of cables. Plus, they both work pretty good, haven't noticed any bugs. You just take media from NAS, it works like a server and stream or playback it on iPhone, ipad, Android smartphone/tablet, TV, game console. I am very satisfied, really!
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