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Note - Offer is not available to existing customers with any of these passes or to existing customers currently billed by a third party such as Vodafone / Apple or NOW TV Combo customers.

This may be account specific but I just had an email this evening from NowTV with some good offers for four months of Kids and six and twelve months of Entertainment or Cinema. There is also a three month offer for their Boost option.

It may not be the best pricing but I'm sure it will help someone during these tough months.

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I think these deals are for every now tv account holder...not account specific as far as I know...although everyone’s deals with differ will have the option to purchase all passes if not subscribing to any of them...if you are currently subscribed on any have the option to purchase passes that you’re not subscribed tv have the best deals at the moment which is welcomed when streaming services are needed most(y)
Remember to check the other sellers, cdkeys, Amazon currently you can get a month cinema pass for as low as £2.99
If you see an offer you like when logged in, get it there and then: I logged it and saw the boost on offer (think it was 3 months for £6 rather than £9). When I logged back in literally ten minutes later, the offer was no longer there (may have had something to do with cancelling my entertainment pass).
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