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Found 24th Aug 2017
So I am new to NowTv so getting my head around different ways everyone on here is getting cheaper/free now tv passes...I picked up a free Nowtv box at Legoland 2 months ago which came with a one month free cinema pass. I cancelled but wasn't offered any deals, like the £3.99 deal...I'm going legoland again next week, and was hoping to get another box for upstairs but the offer is for new customers only. Can you have more than one NowTV account at the same address?Do you just have to have a different e-mail address?
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You can use the two boxes on the same account.
Can get a box pretty cheap off of ebay etc as people buy them just for the pass inside.
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But they only hand over the free nowtv box if i sign up for a new account there and then. Will the new account go through as long as I use a different e-mail address? Or is it one account each home address?

I will have a look on ebay, but thought as I will be going to Legoland anyway I can try and grab a free box and 1 month pass.
Yes - accounts are email address based, done the same before with my wife and myslef at the same address.
Thanks Van1973, I will use another e-mail address
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