Posted 10 January 2023

Nreal Air Glasses

Just wondering if anyone has any experience (or knowledge) in using these particular glasses. I'm wondering in particular, are these worth considering linking up with a steam deck for example. Would love to hear your thoughts about these. Are they value for money, versatile, good quality, any good for consoling gaming etc. Very grateful for any responses in advance.

All the best.
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  1. AnkerMan's avatar
    My friend bought. Still waiting to be invited over for a test. Can report back when done. Hopefully in a week. He personally likes them and is able to sync them with all devices from steam deck to switch to pc, etc. Takes them to work. Bought direct from Japan but be careful because he got hit up for import duty!
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    Yes, EE are selling them direct so that would be my preferred route for purchase.
  2. AnkerMan's avatar
    Just in case you are still deciding, I managed to watch a movie on the nreal. Not enough time to really make a recommendation but it is impressive tech and can see the future of these type of glasses doing well especially those with head up displays.
    My eyes were straining a bit so not sure if that would be a problem or they would naturally adjust over time like it does with occulus rift. No probs with motion sickness but that's just me and didn't have chance to game.
    My friend is having to switch to contacts because some of his glasses fit while others don't. Hope you have better luck than him.
  3. StoneyWales's avatar
    Still very interested in these. Didn't realise EE had them on offer on black Friday for £339, thought that was the usual price. Now I'm reluctant to pay full price for them (that's HUKD for you 😁). Can still see me getting a pair though.
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