NS-347 LanDisk Help

    I'm a pleb...

    Haven't used this for well over a year, so cannot remember username/password I setup.

    Going to reset to defaults, but don't even know the default details (don't know where the instructions are, and google is failing).

    Anyone have one that could help?


    dont know if this helps

    The procedure for resetting to default should follow the steps as below:
    - Turn off the power.
    - Locate the reset button on the back panel. Leave reset button pinched while re-power on.
    - Turn the power on.
    - While power is on, keep holding reset button for around 15 seconds.Release the button.

    that is for the one you have.

    can post the link if you wanted it?

    Original Poster

    Sorry, I meant the username and password (since found out, admin and admin).

    Thanks for the effort though
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