NTHELL again

    After not being with NTL for two years I decided to migrate back due to their low price offer... Looks like it was a mistake!

    In short, I ordered phone and broadband service. I also decided to throw in Caller ID display feature. 26 quid for the whole package. Not the cheapest, but better than to pay 11 quid to BT just for phone.

    Needless to say, caller ID didn't work. In fact, it still doesn't work, despite several calls to NTL (every time they said that they know what the problem is and swore by guts of their grandmas that it'll be working in a fraction of a second). Yeah, right.
    But today's call was something special. I spoke to a customer representative with remarkable lack of any brain activity (which is quite normal for NTL anyway!).
    Here is a short transcript of a call (N is for NTL):

    K: My caller ID feature doesn't work
    N: You don't have caller ID enabled.
    K: Right, so enable it then.
    N: That'll cost you 1.75/month sir.
    K: But I am paying for it already!
    N: No you don't. I can't see it on my screen.
    K: But I have bill from you and it was paid.
    N: We didn't sent you any bill, sir.
    K: Are you sure we are talking about same account? I have broadband and telephone from you.
    N: According to my PC you don't have broadband.
    K: ???!!!^$^$^%$!!!!!!
    K: I do have it and it works right now. I also have phone service and it was paid as per bill.
    N: Not it wasn't.
    K: Can I talk to your manager please?
    N: No we do not have manager right now. Do you want me to enable Caller ID for you? That'll cost you 1.75/month. And we'll charge you for broadband as well.
    K: But I paid this bill already?
    N: We didn't bill you yet.
    K: But I am holding it in my hand, it has my details on it and it says "Broadband and telephone service".
    N: We didn't send you this bill.
    K: Are you kidding? It says NTL on it.
    N: We didn't send you this bill.
    K: So how come NTL is taking money from my account.
    N: We didn't send you this bill. And you don't have broadband.…gif

    /rant over

    Anyone here knows someone with a couple of brain cells at NTL I can talk to? I am tired of talking to idiots with no knowledge of their own system!……gif……gif


    That's unbelievable!

    Original Poster

    Want to believe? Then follow me... to NTL!

    This whole phenomena is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a government agenda. - NTL!


    I feel your pain ... thats horrendus!

    Somebody really should organise secret rallies to the head offices of these places. No violence mind.

    Wait, I guess that's called a protest. :?

    Original Poster

    At the moment I can only think about weapons of mass destruction, really... Preferrably seriously destructive ones. As a matter of protest, of course.

    Well its not just NTL being brainless. What about Govt institutions?

    Received a letter from Inland Revenue in June 2005 stating that I owe them ~ £910 in overpaid tax credits. I appealed and they did the sums again and wrote back saying it was actually ~ £890. Appealed again only to be told that I owe them (considering all my arguments) ~ £800. I gave up and decided to pay in 10 installments (in Nov 2005).

    Called the IR Payments section to arrange this but was hell-shocked to know that I owe them ~ £2600 now (£910 + £890 + £800). I was told to appeal again which I did in early Jan 2006. Wrote several letters pointing out the mistake but NOTHING has happened till today. Donno what to do and just waiting for them to come back.

    They dont need a Sir Isaac Newton to do the simple maths or do they ?

    Caw!! That's awful Edi.

    Every single person seems to want to be as much of a pain in the bum as possible.

    Just got over powergen trouble and now we're having Acer/Comet trouble. :roll:

    Original Poster

    Oh, IR is yet another wonder.
    A couple of years ago I received a letter from them stating that I overpaid 1300 quid. This letter arrived just before Christmas and I though "What a wonderful government this country got!"
    After Christmas they changed their mind and I got another letter stating that now I owe'em 800 quid.
    I gave them a call. A chap said that he is going to recalculate it and he indeed fulfilled his promise - a couple of days later IR demanded 1600 quid.
    So I gave them another call. That time they said that they owe me money - 500 quid and "your cheque is in the post, sir!". Finally, I've got cheque for 200 quid, but I decided not to call them anymore - got knows what they could come up with.

    To be honest, I don't understand how such straightforward case (PAYE and nothing more than that!) could produce such different results? Isn't 2+2=4 for government anymore?

    (it seems that I'm becoming "proper" Brit now - ranting just about everything Probably the next thing is going to be weather discussion. Is this what they call "assimilation"? :D)
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