NTL compatible DECT multihandset?

    My missus just decided she fed up with our Philips Kala 300 and told me to go and by DECT Quad phone.
    After having fight with NTL and my ATA manufacturer (Zoom), I found that my NTL phone exchange is using Caller ID format, which is significantly different from BT standard. It is Bellcore SDMF rather than ETSI Ring if someone is interested in such details

    My Philips Kala got Caller ID menu, where I can switch between two standards. Are there any other phones like that? I don't want to buy another Philips... To be honest, I prefer BT Mango (black version) but it doesn't seem to be compatible with NTL.

    Apart from Caller ID NTL compatibility, my requirements are:
    1. Phonebook at least 100 numbers
    2. Abiliity to share phonebook between handsets (or copy from one handset to another).
    3. Handset must show its number. I know it sounds like a basic thing, but Philips Kala doesn't do it! Weird...
    4. Quad (that means 4) handset kit.

    Other features like PC phonebook editing, SMS and colour screen are nice to have but not a "must". Budget is around 100 quid, but can be stretched a bit.

    Any ideas?


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    Looks like either:
    1. No one is using NTL
    2. Those who dare to use NTL do not have Caller ID enabled.
    3. Those who dare to use NTL and do have Caller ID enabled don't use DECT multihandset phones.
    4. Those who dare to use NTL and do have Caller ID enabled and even have DECT multihandset phones can't answer the question because Caller ID on NTL doesn't work anyway.
    5. In my request were too many words, so no one was actually bothered to read it.

    1) I'm on NTL but I don't have caller ID. :-D
    2) As above.:p
    3)As above.
    4)No idea if it works. :giggle:
    5)Not too many words but it looked complicated.:oops:
    You're 'our' phone guy so if you don't know how are we going to? :giggle:

    I have a BT 3200 or is it 3500 quad dect phones. :thumbsup:

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    I just had a very interesting conversation with Panasonic support. They said that their phones aren't designed for NTL, but so far no one complained so they think it might work with NTL CLI but it is not guaranteed. A really encouraging response, isn't it?

    As to BT phones, I found on many websites statements like "not NTL compatible"... Heck, I thought in this country someone (Oftel?) would take care of interoperability! Come on Brits, sort this mess out!

    I'll try to give a call to Philips and ask what is their recommended phone for NTL. Not that I am keen buying another Philips handset though...

    As to (5) sorry for my bad English I am foreigner, you know...

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    Looks like Philips SE4354S is the one I should go for. It got all the features I need. If it wasn't Philips, I'd buy it.
    And, BTW Philips general enquiries CS line is 09xx!
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