NTL contract

    I have an NTL package which is about 6 months old. Though I did not physically sign any papers, am I still on contract legally ? I was wondering if it'll work if I threaten to cancel it ? There are so many better options available now, I feel I am kinda stuck with them.
    Pls advise.


    I am with NTL and i HATE them, there customer service is non exsistant.
    I also didnt sign anything, but, im sure the year contract will stick.

    I cant leave them anyway, as there the only company here that will provide an internet without having a phone connection.

    If they've taken your money for the account, you're signed up to them by using your bank details and paying by DD?

    The normal contract period is twelve months, but give them a call on 151 from NTL phone, to find out what happens if you cancel now.

    Check out the terms and conditions here: ]http//ww…ial


    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#660066]3. … [SIZE=2][COLOR=#660066]3. Duration[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#660066][/COLOR][/SIZE]3.1 Our Services are subject to a minimum Initial Term starting on the date we activate the Services. You can only terminate this Agreement during the Initial Term if conditions 19.4 or 20.1 apply, otherwise we may charge you a cancellation charge which will be the charges which would have been payable to the end of the Initial Term. During the Initial Term, you may downgrade all or any of your Services to the entry level or starter package for the relevant Services by giving us one month's written notice. We may charge you a reasonable fee for a Service downgrade.3.2 After the minimum period, either you or we may terminate this Agreement and/or any of the Services covered by this Agreement on one month's written notice.


    I have been with NTL for a while now and think you are on your 1st year in contract but after that as i am you can cancel at any time.I was complaining to them about them being to expensive and was given free line rental for the year,so they do come down in price if you tell them your going to cancel.:)

    Never had any big problem with NTL myself either and their customer services seem to have improved quite a bit too

    used to be on NTL, worked well for the first few months, absolute poop thereafter. couldn't wait to switch.

    My brother had NTL Broadband for 8months then moved house.
    He was able to cancel the service and via online banking the DD without penalty or hassle, this was in 2005, nothing happened since and I was sure he was on a 12month contract, I assume he was just lucky.
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