NTL Customer For 8+ years (can i get it cheaper ?)

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Found 24th Nov 2007
I've been a Ntl customer for over 8 years. I currently have L broadband and L telephone and im paying approxamitly 36 pounds a month and don't get any tv. I want to upgrade to XL broadband and XL telephone. What would the best offer be?

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I am with BT I pay £8.95 pm for broadband (8mb), £18.45 pm for the top telephone package (all calls inclusive, except mobile) and then have BT vision. BT Vision is like Sky+ but on freeview, for £30 installation fee you get a free box installed. You have to agree to one months tv package (the cheapest is £6) but you can cancel after one month and just pay as you go for content.

So thats Broadband, Telephone, and TV for £27.40


i get 3 for £30

you can get a Sky plus box and TV, Broadband and telephone from £19 per month plus bt line rental. £30 installation fee.

Sky + if recommended both get sky + free only valid till 30/11/2007 PM me if you want recommending.

Also link here: mysky.sky.com/por…ll3

Yes but reactivation to BT costs £125! Don't omit that!

Ibz, I'm with NTL (Virgin) and if you threaten and even ask for a cancellation, give it a couple of weeks and they'll give you something nice.

Yours is £36, the £25 broadband and £11 line rental.

I am on the same deal but I get broadband for a year for £12.50 (not a new contract) and also the £1 itemised billing is free. That makes £23.50 instead of £17, which is fine with me!

Just some advice.

Hi,I would give virgin(ntl) a call and ask to be put through to retentions and ask for a better deal. I did this and got size L broadband,size xl phone(free uk calls 24/7) with added discounts off mobile and international calls and i also asked for the size m tv pack which you get free if you have 1 of their phone packages anyway(you dont have to have the tv package),
all for £26.99 per month(should be approx £50 for all this)

dont be shy and give them a call, hope you get a good deal

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