NTL Subscription - Best Price?


    Just moved into my new house, and have found out that BT will take over a month to install a new line. So I'm thinking of keeping the ntl cable connection that the house already has. So, my question is this - what's the best package any ntl subscribers have managed to negotiate? I'm after a phone line and broadband - I would take the TV channels, but to be honest, it doesn't seem to offer much more than a Freeview box.

    I just called ntl, and they've offered me 4mb broadband and phone line rental for £23.50 a month, which works out at a little bit more than going for their online package at £24.99/month and taking my £27.50 Quidco backhander. That would only be 1mb broadband though.

    Anyone managed to eek out a better deal from them?




    See this thread -


    Some great deals on NTL were had here.

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    Thank you! I'll move to that thread
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