NTM Trading - Be Careful!


    I am not sure where to post this item, so if it has already been covered, or is in the wrong place, would a MOD please take whatever action they consider appropriate.

    I have just received a the folowing message by email, from Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine:

    "This notice is regarding an advertisement offering discounted electronic goods in the name of 'NTM Trading' currently appearing in the April issue of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine.

    This advertisement was published in good faith but it has now emerged that there are queries regarding this company.

    In these circumstances readers are strongly advised to treat this advertisement with extreme caution. They should make their own enquiries, and might like to check out the following discussion forum. "

    The link was to the following thread:…tml

    Apparently they have also advertised in other magazines, such as Top Gear, so I suggest that the warning be heeded!


    You've been reported "tony" AKA ntm. No self promo on HUKD!
    Could you be any more obvious

    Thanks ^
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