Nudist beach

    Is ther any around



    in b4 the perverts, oh wait


    British women on a nudist beach? *shudder*


    LOL at that site. I just checked out my local and it recons that there are two on the beaches i use to walk my dog on. Funny enough neither of them are nudists and if there were any peeps like that the locals would chase them off with pitch forks haha :-)

    Moral - that site talks **** :-)

    PS have to agree with you Saint... be like whale watching :-D

    Edited by: "Squelds" 9th May 2011

    plenty in scotland in the winter

    Right according to that site... im gonna go down tomorrow with my meat and 2 veg ready and see how long i last !!

    NOT !

    Bit chilly still in the uk isn't it?

    dont know of any! feel free to bring your friends and use my garden tho, may stop my nosey neighbour popping his head over the fence every time i step out!!!!X)
    Edited by: "nattynatty" 10th May 2011


    I really don't like sand

    How can you tell if a blind man is on a nudist beach?

    'Its not hard!?'


    pig market newcastle


    op added to my oddballs list!
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