Nuisance Telephone Callers....How do you stop them?

    Last night at 11.00pm I had a call from a prat saying is my wife there... when I asked who it was he replied they were having a gang bang and she's invited.... I put the phone down...and before any my wife is not a swinger in secret!

    The number was witheld, can you track a witheld number if you know the time and date of the call? I also receive loads of calls from overseas offering me all sorts of do I stop this?

    Many thanks...I am with Sky for calls

    8 Comments - This stopped phonesales for me...
    Sorry cannot help with prank calls though...

    ray magini;4536874 may stop some.

    grr... bet me to it...

    just ring phone company and put a block on all incoming calls that are with held if they do ring again then they will have to give you their number.

    lol me and me mates used to do this when we where about 12, we would just pick random numbers ring them and say your wife has left her knickers here etc. dumb i know but was funny at the time i guess, just ignore mate they prob wont ring back the same number unless you give them a reaction

    I'm registered with the above ^^^^

    It did stop the cold caling and any that do I simply tell them I'm registered and they immediately apologise and hang up.

    As far as the nuisance type calls you are getting I think you will have to contact your supplier.

    Hope it settles down for you quickly

    YOu can also have a number blocking service put on your line, all you do is after the call press a code and it blocks that number ever calling (even witheld), After prank nuisance calls you can usually get it free for about a month then you pay. BT told me that most people only need the month for whoever it is to get bored and give up. Worked for us.

    I'm with Virgin and pay for called withhold reject.. means that anyone who calls and withholds their number can't get through...
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