Numark DJ In A Box Kit

I'm looking to buy some decks. I have decided on getinthemix.co.uk/Num…htm these ones

Anyone know somewhere that might sell them cheaper?


How serious are you about DJing? Its actually a really good idea to start on poor decks, which in all honesty those you've chosen are, as Technics are c.£600 a pair upwards. The price there looks pretty good, but they are belt-drive decks. These are far inferior to direct drive, and with DJ decks you generally get what you pay for - expensive decks offer much greater torque and correct to their speed much faster.
I'd look for the cheapest direct drive set if you must have new, particularly if you have any interest in scratching or technical DJ-ing, although its worth perhaps considering getting a second hand pair - check (if you can) that they spin fine and then buy a new set of decent carts (Stanton 500 or better) and you may find a better deal.

How about this deal from Thomann:
Better value imo at £148.26; its really worth buying decent cartridges (will cost £30 a pair upwards) to begin with as they both function better and look after your expensive vinyl better. Another tip - buy your headphones from Argos and get the product replacement warranty - one place it really rocks. You'll find if you DJ a lot you invariably snap headphones or rip the cord out. With the accidental pr warranty this isn't a problem (happend i think 4 times to my mate, after the fourth he complained the headphones werent a satisfactory quality - quite true - and upgraded to a better pair with new free warranty!).

Thomann are a German company but I've ordered twice from them and they seem very reliable. They offer a free 30-day return policy and 3-year warranty on all products, and also free delivery on orders over 200 € (about £130), and good customer service!

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I'm already set on that pair of decks thank you, and yes they are for a beginner. So I am just looking for a cheaper place for them.

The price looks pretty good then. You can buy the decks and mixer seperately for about the same price at Thomann (£158, without the headphones) but then you would be waiting a week or so for delivery. You could choose a different mixer though this way.

PS Are you really sure about the belt drive decks? I recommend trying a pair and also a pair of cheap direct drives if you havent already, you can probably get Numark equivalent direct drives for not much more.


I'm already set on that pair of decks thank you, and yes they are for a … I'm already set on that pair of decks thank you, and yes they are for a beginner. So I am just looking for a cheaper place for them.

waste of money, you could buy some second hand 1210's and a mixer for not much more than that.

if you start with them the first time you come to play on different decks you will be lost. trust me, i have employed some of the biggest dj's in the world as well as dj'ing myslef for a long time and everyone i know would say the same about those decks, terrible choice. have you even played on them in a shop??

if your really serious, then buy some cd decks. most clubbing genres will be exstinct of vinyl soon.
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