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    Im currently on an o2 contract which ends in on 24th March. Ive seen a deal with Dialaphone which is also on o2 which im thinking about getting.

    As im already on o2, ive heard its not possible to port my number over to a new contract. Also I emailed o2 and they advised i could port it to another network then back to o2.

    When is the best time to take out my new contract and start this porting business?

    Thanks as always

    My current contract isnt with dialaphone at the mo, and o2 wont offer me a good deal on what i want.


    It's likely to be cheaper and it'll serve you better to take out a contract with another company, and PAC the number to that. Cheaper, because you are entitled to cancel within 7 days if you complain about signal issues and some (T-Mobile I can personally vouch for) or all will not charge you for cancelling within this period, and better, because it means you can road-test an alternative network for a few days.

    In my own experience, I found 3 to be a lot faster and offer better coverage than O2 up here in Edinburgh. It's definitely worth checking out the networks on offer, especially if mobile data is an interest.

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    Thanks for the replies. Ive had a look around on other networks and o2 seem to be giving me the best deal.

    My 'upgrade' date is on the 24th feb. Am i best waiting til then to get my new contract and request my pac code. Or can i get my new contract now, and wait say 3-4 weeks before i get the pac code? And if they were to send me it, does it need to be ported there and then, or can i hold on to the code thingy for a while before i port it?

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    Thank you
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