Numbers on my phone bill-how do I find out who they are?

    I've had some weird numbers on my phone bill-700035108 being one. I was charged £1.50 for it. I'm with T-Mobile and every month you can guarentee there's some weird numbers on my bill. I've called them before and complained and they said it's probably where I've text a competition or something, but i know I haven't this month.
    Any help appreciated!!


    As I understand it, under ICITIS rules if you send any such service a text saying "STOP" they have to stop any and all premium text messages services to you.

    Unfortunately reality is another thing, I expect you're on more than once sms spamming list, is changing number alot of hassle for you?

    If you have entered sday for ringotones - you muct text stop.

    Original Poster

    I haven't sent off for any ringtones, I was ripped off on PAYG so I'm not that naive now!!


    You have to be careful which numbers your ring, they make lots of money out of people on contracts especially.


    If you complain to T-Mobile saying that you have not called/txted these numbers and that ur fed up ect that your going to the smalls claims court to deal with basically make a meal out of it they will refund tell them to stop them ect and you want your money back or you are cancling ur contract they should help/refubd you. I have a friend who had the same prob and over 8 months was about £120 she eventually got money back just keep at them and they give in
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