Nuna Rebl i-size Car Seat Manufacturers Refuse to Issue Recall but WILL Refund Money after Which? issue a DON'T BUY Warning over Serious Safety Concerns!

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    Bit of a heads up really, it's not that often that Which? issues Don't Buy warnings but they have over the Nuna Rebl i-size Car Seat. The seat is one of the most expensive on the market at around £400 & is sold on various safety features, but Which? decided to issue a Don't Buy warning after it scored very badly in front impact crash tests & they have claimed the seat could put children, whilst in the rear-seating mode, at 'high risk of serious injury'!
    After many angry parents contacted them the company issued a statement saying that 'The German Automobile Club, ADAC, has performed an extreme test, which is not recognised by the UK Department of Transport, or any other standard the industry is asked to comply with, if people are not happy we will offer full refunds to any customer that does not feel that the rigorous UK government standards are sufficient.
    They went on to say that 'We will not be conducting a product recall unless the recognised relevant national authorities deem the seat is unsafe' despite many parents calling for that to happen'

    There is a youtube clip of the test & it does look very frightening!

    A refund can be obtained by contacting our customer service team Monday through Friday on 0800 952 0061 between the hours of 9am to 5pm or emailing us directly at [email protected], or contacting their retailer

    Full story / info in post #1


    Eek, goes to show, to often you don't get what you pay for... Buyers of this probably expected they were getting the best for £400.
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