Nunchaku beginner.. Christmas Present ideas..HELP!

Wondering if anyone can help.. my partner has ordered himself some nunchucks and wants to teach himself how to do it (god knows why!).. I'm trying to find a training DVD for beginners (or something similar to give as7)...

the ones I've seen online look pretty naff...

If anyone has a recommendation or can find a good one it would be really helpful cos this is driving me mad!

Thanks in advance!


amazon have some or youtube

Perhaps some foam nunchaku would be good to start with...

I second the foam ones, then move onto wooden this time next year. They're not as easy thing to master, I used to use them when I was a kid after watching all my karate films, I did want a Samurai Sword and Ninja grappling hook but my mam wasn't having none of it lol
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