Nursery children attacked in Belgium

    Infants stabbed at Belgian creche

    Two infants and an adult have been killed and 10 other people wounded in a knife attack at a creche in north-western Belgium.

    A man reportedly tricked his way into the nursery in Dendermonde where he ran amok inside before escaping. He was later captured at a local supermarket.

    The suspect apparently had painted his face black and white.

    Parents have begun the harrowing task of identifying children stabbed during the attack at local hospitals.

    There was blood everywhere, it was unbelievable, real carnage
    Theo Janssens
    deputy mayor

    Three children are reported to be in a serious condition in hospital

    what a terrible terrible shame…stm


    Original Poster

    Oh my, that is absolutely awful - those poor children and the parents who have lost too :-(




    Very tragic news. As a parent myself I feel for all the kids and families involved. What is wrong with people in this world?

    another dunbalane would have thought the world had learned from that

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    another dunbalane would have thought the world had … another dunbalane would have thought the world had learned from that

    its 13 years since dunblane - still heart breaking

    the nurseries i know ever since dunblane - had keypads fitted so you couldnt just walk in

    what a world though - little toddlers - it is so so sad

    my little boys nursery had the keypad too,but sometimes the door was held open wih a chair in warm matter what security measures are put in place,you will still always get beggars belief
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