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    I'm looking for some ideas for a present for my sons nursey. He leaves on Tuesday (holiday) and starts school in September. They've been so great, I thought it would be nice to buy them something. I've already done a book and also some chocs for teachers but I wanted to do an outside toy of sorts as my son spent most of his time in the garden. I don't want to spend more than £10. I was thinking a ride on, scooter, pop up tent or something similar. Anyone have any ideas, or better still seen any bargains anywhere. I did see the Street roller in Argos which would have been perfect but none available near me - typical!!
    All help appreciated - rep will be given x


    Why not ask the Nursery staff?

    As the present is for the children, the surprise would not be spoiled.

    No rep needed.

    How about this:…htm

    Doh - never noticed you'd already looked at that !!

    some good ideas ]here

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys that's great, thanks for the help - will take a look - rep left x

    Does the Nursery have a garden area? If so, what about getting them some flower or veg seeds so the children can plant them in September and watch them grow throughout the year. Or whenever each one would need planting of course, I'm not much of a gardener I'm afraid.

    Woolworths have lots of outdoor toys reduced including a Chad Valley Teepee Tent, Wooden Animal Skittles and a Wooden animal Croquet set, they are all around £7ish, there are lots of other things to choose from as well. :thumbsup:

    Aldi have a beach tent thats also good for a garden area especially for kids - I've got one - and only £5.99 this week. Shade and play area combined for young kids in nursery.

    When my son left I bought a charity gift from world vision and the teachers loved it. It was a teachers desk, similar to this…Fav

    I'd bought his teacher personal stuff before but was told they just put it all together and take turns at picking what they wanted so thought this was better.

    I guess saying as yours is for the actual nursery it would be different. Hope you find something.
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