NUS card discount ending at the Co Op

Posted 27th Oct 2023
Had an email from the CO OP saying from the 31st October they will no longer take NUS card. A real shame as I use the COOP a lot. Anyone know a different method to get the discount?
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  1. Superman80's avatar
    Gutted, saved me a fortune
  2. bobdylan's avatar
    Well peed off, just renewed mine and really only use it at the COOP
  3. fern37's avatar
    Gutted as I use mine a lot at the Coop, especially on the deals!
  4. EnbyEmily's avatar
    The 10% discount for TOTUM card holders at the Co-Op will end on Tuesday 31st of October.4224349_1.jpg
  5. uk3g's avatar
    It's a shame and co-op are going to lose so many customers as a result. They're one of the most expensive supermarkets and the discount made their prices feasible. I know I haven't been back since.
  6. Pricklerickle's avatar
    Oh I thought my card was expiring, such a shame,

    Wish boots did blue light discount

    Is it all co op or co operative as well (edited)
    uk3g's avatar
    If you have a Totum card you get a discount at Boots. You just need to link your Totum card to your boots advantage card
  7. Pricklerickle's avatar
    But does it effects co operative as well or just blue co op
    EnbyEmily's avatar
    Co-op group. 51310613-BmH6E.jpgIf any society’s accept it, you’ll need to contact them to see if they intend to continue accepting it, eg. Mid counties.
  8. JohnZS's avatar
    Gutted too. Make sure you voice your disappointment to Totum.
    Apparently they have tried to replace this with a prepay card you have to pay for cashback rates that are not all that great.
  9. rufioh's avatar
    Oh this is sad. I never got a notification so last time I went in I just stood there swiping my card like an idiot.
    alcopop's avatar
    Snap, just had that tonight
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