NUS Extra app says my card has expired?!

Found 5th Dec 2015
My Nus doesnt expire till Next year, but if i log into the mobile app it says 'Your card has expired'
If you tap 'renew your card' it takes you to a page saying it will cost £5 to REPLACE my card?!

Is the website broken or have they mistakenly cancelled my card!?

If i login through a webbrowser, it still seems to show me the discounts, but it also shows a BUY button as if i need to buy a card?!
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Mine is doing had exact same thing, I thought it was a problem with my card, but looks like it must be a problem the nus website and app are having!
mine shows the same :-*
Next question is are you real students or e-careers 'students' ?

Next question is are you real students or e-careers 'students' ?

​ Or graduates, who are also able to legitimately purchase one of these cards...
Mine does as well. I've got an apprentice extra card
But sure if it's fixed but I've just checked mine and it is ok, I'm an open university student.
Mine still says expired in the Mobile app.
Few people on Twitter saying it's expired also. But that's from 30th November.

If it was a bug I would have thought it would be fixed by now.
The issue now appears to be fixed. A bug their end with lots of people!
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