NUS Extra Card

    Anyone who's applied for one this year ( e.g 2008-2009) have they recieved it yet?
    Sent my application off over a month ago and they havent taken then money and still no card


    Yeah I got mines a month ago . Since it was the first time I had bought one I had to go and collect it from my local Student Union Office .

    Original Poster

    Mines through Sixth Form and I sent a cheque


    Mines through Sixth Form and I sent a cheque

    Ah I see the predicament .

    i got mine, paid online and got it two weeks later from my union office

    I dont need to get one, I can just use my college ID? hmv and topman accept that

    kid in my flat applied at uni during freshers week
    and his turned up only like five days later

    yup got mine very quick

    ermm HMV accept NUS card? .. and how much prey tell do you get off?

    Never knew that?! Currently at college, so could make use of this. Is there a site that lists what stores/etc have Student Discounts etc?
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