Nvidia GTS 250

    How this this card over the 9600GT worth upgrade



    The gts 250 is better by 20 fps in some games, This difference can make a game from unplayable to playable.

    Question is is they any current games your not able to play due to the 9600gt, I don't have a 9600gt but my brother is currently playing dirt 2, modernwarfare 2, boarderlands without any problems.


    the above forum reads to me as the person has a 8600gt and questioning which card to upgrade to 9600gt, 9800gt or the gts 250.

    Our op has a 9600gt and is asking if its worth while upgrading upto a gts 250.

    I would suggest holding out for buying a better card. Current graphic card prices are overpriced atm imo wait for a better card priced around what you would pay for a gts250 now.

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    i want to get BF:BC2 and my 9600GT will struggle a little

    My current spec:

    E8500 @2.5GHz
    2GB DDR2 GeIL Ram
    Creative XG SC
    9600GT 512MB

    played the beta on the pc, my system seemed to suffer graphics lag?

    e8400 @ 3.0ghz
    gtx 260

    I got the game on the 360 and enjoyed it more, think the only benifits for the pc would me mouse and keyboard + multi screens.
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