Nvidia shield and games on Steam

Posted 12th Nov
I have the nVidia Shield with a controller.
I've never had a console, but used to do a bit of PC gaming many years ago so not that into it any more. I have a Steam account only because I got a credit voucher bundled with the Shield but unsure how all works.
My laptop is OK for day to day use but not suitable for gaming.
How does all this Steam stuff work? Can I just buy a game on Steam and then play it on the Shield without downloading anything onto the laptop?
How do i know which games are suitable for the Shield etc.
Any basic advice appreciated.
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You have to have a nvidia gpu in the pc/laptop, you buy download games you want, then stream them to the shield. It’s ok for the odd game but personally if I’m playing a pc game I use pc or laptop and for console gaming I use xbox...
OK Cheers.
Might get myself an Xbox then as my laptop can just about manage HUKD!
The shield has a game streaming service you pay for...
GeForce now that might be worth looking at. The shields good for showbox and cinema hd..
Copperface12/11/2019 12:45

OK Cheers.Might get myself an Xbox then as my laptop can just about manage …OK Cheers.Might get myself an Xbox then as my laptop can just about manage HUKD!

GeForce Now is free for Shield TV owners so I think the other poster is mistake, it includes a bunch of games completely free with it. It also will allow you to stream games from your Steam library (providing they are supported) without the need for your computer being on or the need for a nvidia GPU. This however requires a very strong internet connection and speed, personally anything not connected by Ethernet and less than 70mb/s will be a poor experience.

There is a casting type service (which does require an nvidia GPU, your PC on and an active connection), this relies more on the power of your PC. This doesn’t need to have supported titles to play, it is basically a screen cast from your PC.
JohnnyRoller12/11/2019 14:51

Here is the supported game list

Thanks. Had the Shield for a year or two now but not done a lot with it due to time so will have a play around.
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