Nvidia Shield tips and tricks please!

Posted 11th Jul 2019
Newbie to Nvidia Shield and migrating from Fire TV and Android Box.

Can anyone suggest some basic tips and tricks to make the platform smoother?

Some problems which I encountered were - Very limited apps on Play store for some reason (compatibility for android TV ?).Not even ES File explorer. or popular browsers. Had to install some file explorer and then sideloaded aptoide and installed some of my other apps.

All my amazon apps cannot be opened on the Prime Video. Prime has no access to apps or even the subscription 'channels'. What about PL Footie next season ? Hmm!

Any suggestions for the launcher and display window ? Additional mouse was useful for me.
Any way to shut it down - keeps lighting up!

Some link about tips that I found - nvidia tricks
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This one is probably the best for you start with it’s got just about everything for beginners to read and keep referring back to again and again.


Have fun with your Nvidia Shield I’ve had mine since they first came out in 2015 and I love it, so much my daughter got herself one as well!
What do you guys do for optical digital output.I have a home cinema which has not hdmi input. So the only option is optical digital input from nvidia.Cannot believe they dont have it in nvidia.:(
Install side loader and add showbox and cinema, best get a wireless mouse to use with show box, makes it a lot easier. Also if you have a nvidia gpu in your pc you can stream games to the shield
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