Nvidia shield TV no sound on amazon or Netflix

Found 27th Aug 2017Edited by:"canada16"
Hi I have the first gen shield tv, and my box plays plex and all other shows with no issues, but over the past 2vmonths, Netflix have stopped playing all audio.
Its not the hdmi as everything works apart from Netflix and Amazon.
Should I do a factory reset? And start from the beginning?
Also lots of downloads will not play.
All firmware up to date.
This is the second box I have returned, have nvidia stopped all support?
I have changed nothing all the box except updating the latest firmware when nvidia releases it.
Very confused how lots of audio refuse to play shound.
Any ideas besides a full system reset.
My system is hooked up to a top of the range 3000.00 yammy amp which is a year old.
It either has something to do with Netflix codes or nvidia have stopped certain codecs, but plays all files from my qnap nasty on plex. Also no Netflix have failed to load with a spinning red circle and won't load.
Anyone have the same issue? Thanks all.
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I have the Nividia Shield first Gen and have had it since launch. The odd few times its been a little funny where some apps wont load but a reboot seems to do the trick. I did have some address a while ago with CEC where it trys and mimicks the TV sound and also if you turn the TV on and off, it will auto switch to the shield etc. I had to knock all of that off as thre sound did go a little wonky for me and was annoying when switch from the shield to the BT TV box as it would just auto switch back.

give it a try, go to On the Shield Settings > Power control > CEC TV ON <>CEC TV OFF
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