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    does anyone know anything about nvqs, my friend is doing her nvq 3 in care and her assessor says she cannot legally finish it till august but my friend was hoping to finish it sooner, is it illegal to finish it sooner. im sure when i did mine i could finish it when i want but that was many years ago.


    I've never heard of that before. The only thing I could think of if your friend was working doing a new NVQ/award which came into effect from August. The best thing to do is to find out the awarding body (eg City & Guilds) and check on their website.

    The advice I was given (I trained as an NVQ assessor) was that it typically takes 9 months for level 2 and 12 months for level 3. But it will depend on the NVQ, how much time you and your assessor can put into it and whether you've done an NVQ before. So it may take one person 3 months and another 12 months its not how long or how short that is important but whether you have met all the criteria and provided the evidence for the units.

    I have my NVQ in care and completed both before the deadline. You are allowed to finish early as long as all the modules are covered. There are no legal implications.

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    thanks for the info will tell her to get intouch with whoever she is doing it with

    Sounds like she is being told rubbish to me. I would imagine her assessor is delaying her completion date to fiddle her stats in some way. That's what the college who I teach for do sometimes; hold back achievements to use agianst the next target.
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