NVR upgrade Issue.

Found 23rd Oct 2017
Some time ago i bought a Kare 4CH 960P HD PoE NVR Recorder with 4 1280*960P Weatherproof Night Vision Security Camera System. Which i setup without any issues.

Fast forward today, I've decided to upgrade my NVR to HIKVISION DS-7604NI-K1/4P. Unfortunately i bought the Hikvision from Amazon and HIkvision support are very strict how they provide support as i should have bought it from a approved authorised distributor.

So here i am, Am struggling to get the cameras to work on the HIkvision and unsure how it should be configured. Not even sure if the cameras are supported.

If there is any CCTV installers or somebody with experience to guide me or put me out of my misery. I have the option to return the NVR back to Amazon if its confirmed that the camera are not supported.

Thankyou for reading and any help is much appreciated.
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Camera compatibility is a bit hit and miss across different product makes. It helps if they state that they are ONVIF compatible, however even that is no guarantee that they will actually work with the Hikvision NVR. I have a Zxtech Mini NVR that reboots itself every time it tries to get video from one of my generic ONVIF CCTV cameras. I had to connect that camera in RTSP stream mode (no motion detection) for it to work with my NVR.

All you should have to do is log into the web interface/connect a monitor and mouse to it and follow the on-screen wizzard that will search for the cameras and then add them for you. If the search yields no results your cameras are likely not ONVIF compatible. In fact the Ebay listings for Kare CCTV sets I just looked at make no mention of ONVIF compatibility.

Can I assume that you have followed the steps in the user manual (page 58) about adding the cameras via the search feature?

Do your cameras have a model # on them?
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Hikvision NVRs work with third party ONVIF cameras however your cameras have probably been configured to work with the NVR it came with. On the Hikvision NVR, hit the large + or go to the menu where you add cameras and it should display the pre-defined IP address range for each camera channel.

Next use ONVIF Device Manager to set the IP address of each of your cameras and set them to the pre-defined IPs which the Hikvision NVR has set. Once the IP address of your cameras is set, hard wire them to the NVR and add them using the protocol 'ONVIF' as opposed to the default 'Hikvision' protocol.
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