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Posted 22nd Nov
Looking at a NYC trip for next year (Feb), just wondering if people in experience have gained by awaiting any black friday deals? Ive done my research so know flights/hotel etc im going for just wondered if any point in waiting incase prices increase.

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I used air bnb was far cheaper use momondo to find cheapest flights
I would check the weather reports for February around the NY area.
Don't they get a lot of snow around that time of year? i.e. planes grounded.
We went to NYC on Valentine’s Day a few years back... it was sooooooo cold, even Central Park lake had frozen solid! Your face gets so cold it’s like you’re slurring your words! April/May is much warmer, a totally different experience... Good luck!
Personally I would not go that time of year. Far too cold and potential bad snow.

Flight prices are a lottery they go up and down like a yo-yo.

a good way to save money is to use a cash back site for a few quid back.
thanks for the advice, had`nt even considered the weather, prices currently are around 250 return each which I thinks quite reasonable
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