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Found 9th Dec 2012
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The End...

It is with our regret to announce that NZBMATRIX had closed.

We have had to make this decision due to a very large takedown request from a company called Wiggin LLC. These represent the following: Federation Against Copyright Theft Limited ("FACT"), Paramount Home Entertainment International Limited; Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Limited; The Walt Disney Company Limited; Twentieth Century Fox Film Company Limited; Universal Pictures (UK) Limited; Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited.

As everyone is aware we are DMCA/Takedown notice compliant, and always have been.
Once this notice is completed we are left with an impossible task of policing our indexing bots. Even then it won't stop there, there will be follow-up notices etc.

Coupled with this is problems with payment providers, we have been through pretty much everyone out there, in the end they all pull out.
There are massive server/bandwidth costs to pay, with the payments in-stability this is a very hard task.

NZBMATRIX has never been the subject of any legal issues or threats.

Also the Usenet Indexing scene is going through some changes, with content being removed from pretty much every provider its making the existence of an indexer irrelevant if the content does not even exists anymore.

So it's time for us to bow out...
is this a joke?
I downloaded a few files earlier this morning...
Damn. Who else is as good?
This is insane.
It was there 10 mins ago I went back and got that notice
Oh noes
Shame I had a premium account on there...
bad times
Anyone have recommendations for others?

I only signed up for a premium account the other week.

Is this the end for newsgroups?

Anyone have recommendations for others?

just use binsearch and nzbindex once you know the file name it's easy and a lot of stuff posted with just the filename escape DMCA just the things which have the full title in the header which get removed first.
Damn just tried this morning, anyone know any good others maybe pm me?

Tis' a sad day. This wont be the end of newsgroups, for every site which goes down, a few more pop up. Agreed, NZB is the best out there. is pretty good. is also worth looking at.

Yeah, seems true, a real shame...........
With content being removed instantly, it seems all a bit pointless.
shocked, used it all the time, need a new site now
Will usenet snobs now stop laughing at us torrent users?

Will usenet snobs now stop laughing at us torrent users?

Next best maybe ""

Dam now we have to change a bookmark, that stops us!
Sad day!! Any others we can use using astraweb account?
Unreal. Was working fine just 20 minutes ago, and then this without warning.

If it was that bad of a problem, FLASH should have posted something on the forums or at least made the announcement on the site homepage.

First NZB Zone went down the pan, then Newzbin and now this. Sheesh.
As well as the DCMA takedowns, It says that could not process payments, the powers that be, can go after the money, more effort is put into stopping filesharing, than stopping gross pornography or pedophile rings.........
Suck it Pirates!!!

Edited by: "FilthAndFurry" 9th Dec 2012

Dam now we have to change a bookmark, that stops us!

The reduced automation slows us down though
Oh well...... there's always "u wan dvd" man!

RIP NZB Matrix

Suck it Pirates!!!

Whatever you choose to get up to at your 'Pirate Themed Parties' isn't the kind of stuff I want to read about on a Sunday morning

Suck it Pirates!!!

Reported for blatently propositioning members.
Oh Deer
Was a long time coming, most things were taken down within hours of being upped. Everyone forgot the 1st rule of usenet.
Edited by: "Paddy_o_furniture" 9th Dec 2012
It was always too good to go unnoticed.
Glad I didn't bother with premium as this was inevitable.
The end is nigh . Sad times . I want my money back for paying for VIP
Life is no longer worth living, who'll join me in a mass hukd suicide pact.
Demonoid Tracker Back Online, Servers Moved To Hong Kong

The end is nigh . Sad times . I want my money back for paying for VIP

Loz send them a email im sure thay will reimburse you. :o)

Anyone have recommendations for others?

Everything on matrix can be found on binsearch although it's not as clean and there are no comments.

Looks like we'll be going back to downloading headers.... ah the good ol days!
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