O2: £100 cashback on a 12 month SIM Only contract via quidco

    O2 have increased cashback to £100 for a 12 month contract SIM Only. Offer valid until midnight Monday 3rd Aug

    Our product offering online is excellent and we stock only the latest and most in demand mobile phones on the market. We offer fantastic MMS enabled phones all with FREE text messaging* and GPRS. Our range of phones are sure to please even the most discerning customer.

    Hot Offer: Get £44.67 cashback on the PAYG Mobile Broadband Dongle (£29.35), when you top up £15. Effectively a free dongle and one month's free internet usage.

    We also offer market leading prices on Sim Only, Pay-as-you-go (PAYG), and Mobile Broadband, including new Laptop Mobile Broadband.

    O2 are now offering £100 cashback for a 12 month contract SIM Only, this works out to be 5 months FREE with Quidco cashback.

    For genuine tracked transactions completed wholly online, you can earn:

    £3.50 for Pay-As-You-Go (single commission per order basis)
    £35 for 18/24 month PAYM contracts (excl. iPhone)
    £40 for Mobile Broadband (Pay monthly contract)
    £44.67 for Mobile Broadband PAYG
    £100 for a 12 month contract SIM Only


    I take it this is on the £19.58 Tariff

    600Texts 1200 mins

    the porter;5823269

    800 mins 1600 texts

    I can't see it:oops: The best I can find 800 mins 1200 texts


    You looking at 12 months?

    :oops::oops: Now I see it
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