O2 / 3 New mobile contract please


    Am currently paying £20/month for 500 mins and 1000 text messages with O2. They have told me that they're no longer going to provide me with this plan at this price, and were very willing to give me my PAC code earlier on..

    Was wondering:

    1) Should I call the same number again on O2 and hope that someone else actually tries to tempt me to stay? This lady didn't offer me anything at all -- in fact she said that the £20/month I currently pay expires soon and that I'd be on £35/month soon, no discounts available!

    2) I'd also like some data minutes -- I know 3 are the best for the xseries (internet and email on the go). Does anyone know of any good deals out there on 3, from reputable cash-back dealers? I once went for a 12 months free deal with The Mobile Outlet and never got my money back despite sending them the contracts.. hence afraid to go this route again (others beware!).

    Thanks for your help..


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