O2 3000mins xnet+3000txts £35 (+possibly long wkend)

    This is a mighty deal from O2 but I can not confirm that anyone will be able to get it; It is worth looking into though.

    I was moved to the simplicity tariff (800mins+1000texts+lng wkend-sat,sun,mond xnet for £25 (incl. £5 discount)+a new handset SE P1i) when O2 changed their charges to 0870 numbers-there was a mightly long thread on this on HUKD.

    Some weeks ago O2 changed their simplicity tariff meaning that I could get 1200 mins etc for £25 incl. my £5 discount. I called up CS who passed me on to retention as I wanted to be moved to the 1200 mins as I usualy go well above my allocation. I got through to a nice laday and explained to her that I wanted to be moved to the 1200mins while keeping my long weekend sat, sunday, monday and my discount.

    She gladly did it and I was really happy. Called back the next day to confirm that the change had occured; only to find out that I wouldn't get long weekend sat,sunday, monday on this price plan and that they hadn't applied my discount.

    Yet again I was lucky to speak to a realy nice person who said she will look into it and call me back.

    I got a call back and was given some alternatives to choose from (pretty much their existing simplicity plans with current long wkend options or goin back to my old plan). In turn I said I will call back as I had to look into it and see what would be the best way forward.

    In the mean time I got a call from O2 which went to voicemail. They left a message and a free number to call back on.

    Called them and I wasn't able to speak to the lady who left the message but I did speak to somebody else who looked at my usage pattern. She went on to say whether I was told about their next plan up which is 3000mins xnet, anytime+3000texts+lng wkend sat, sunday xnet (2000mins(or any other simplicity options for £25+ tariffs)). I was shocked as this is a MEGA deal! She said the normal price is £35 but I could keep my discount and get it for £30.

    I obviously promptly asked to b put on that. Called back the next day and the day after and yes yes yes, I am on that deal. I kindly, sweetly enquired how in the world did I get this deal? Is it coz they love me so much?-they guy said well its coz I have been with them for a while and have had high usage. I enquired about my discount and he said they applied it for 3 months but I explained that it was meants to be till the end of my term.
    He said he will find out and call back as I didn't realy want to be on hold due to a mighty headake.

    Got a call back from retentions who again confirmed that I had the deal mentioned above and that I would need to call back after 3 months to extend my discount as it might b due to system restrictions.

    This has been a long post and I hope it helps some of u. I can not confirm that anyone else will get it and no, it does not appear on their website. I also need to wait for my bill to confirm it once again. I believe I will also get my O2 treats.

    To anyone who belives I have made it up, all i gotta say is tough!! am not goin to indulge in any argument to prove what was told to me by O2 CS and what I believe I get atm.


    just phoned o2 bud. customer services had no idea about, went through all their tariff's with me, so did retentions. so your a very lucky ****er getting that!!! well done!

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    Ace Hayward;1651096

    just phoned o2 bud. customer services had no idea about, went through all … just phoned o2 bud. customer services had no idea about, went through all their tariff's with me, so did retentions. so your a very lucky ****er getting that!!! well done!

    It's definitely not on the website. Somehow the only 3000mins deal they have is £75. I do feel very lucky. Not too sure if anyone will and how to guide anyone. Will get a screenshot of my acc and post it here if there isn't any sensitive details.

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    Here is a screenshot.
    Note: It shows as less than 3000mins coz it allocated me pro rata minutes as I changed price plan after my bill was produced.
    I will show a screenshot of the price I pay at some other time.
    Spoke to CS and they said this price plan is only available to certain customers.
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