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    I just got a new phone from o2 but its a 3g phone so they sent me a new sim card. Now my question is that i wasnt planning to keep this phone but o2 told me to phone up and transfer my number from my old o2 simcard to the 3g one. Should i still do this or is it ok to just leave it as it is?

    Only reason im asking is that the 3g simcard im guessing has a different number on it so would this not be the main number on my account unless i have it switched with me old one. And if i did switch the numbers would it be ok to use the 3g simcard in a non 3g phone?

    Sorry if i didnt explain that right, i would phone up o2 but im at work at the moment.


    u on contract or pay as you go?

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    Oh and when i say i wasnt planning to keep this phone i mean im planning on selling it.

    u taken out a new contract or an upgrade?

    if new contract then the old one will cease to work at some point so if you want to keep the number you'll have to swap it over.

    If upgrade then I assume the old one will continue to work but I can't see why they would issue you with a new number. I recently upgraded and have received a new sim card but I haven't done anything with it.

    A 3g sim will work fine in an old phone.

    Watch out for the t&c's if you are on a cashback contract, some of them don't allow number porting or make it very hard to claim your cashback if you do.

    Its sounds like you have upgraded your contract phone. The new SIM does not have a new number its purely to enable 3G services, which as you are not going to use the new phone you dont need.

    So keep the card to one side for when your current card packs in.
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