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Found 31st Dec 2015
ive noticed my phone saying 4g+ on the little data symbol, but cant find anywhere on the o2 website saying that its a thing, just wondering if anyone else had noticed the same?
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Which phone is it.?
Galaxy s5 here
Only 4g here which I had to activate myself
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As far as I know of, 4G LTE is available which is supposedly a faster 4G connection. Not heard of 4G+, are you getting confused with HDSPA+ abbreviated as H+? This is a lower version of your 4G before you have 3G. I think. Don't know an awful lot about data connections.
What phone do you have ?
Do o2 use carrier aggregation? Which I understand is like EE double speed 4g?
It's LTE-Advanced, or LTE-A.
ive got a g4 and im certain it says 4g+ not h+ or anything else
Got 4G+ at Finsbury park on BT (EE)
first time I had seen this.
as far as i know of, EE are the only network that do offer this "4g+" but like im on o2.. whats going on with that haha
screenshot olz
i will when i next notice it
Just saw it now, any suggestions?
o2 seem to be testing it at a few locations. In and arround Bradford seems to have 4G+ everywhere but not Leeds. Had 4G+ in Durham Manchester and Liverpool in the past few weeks. Fingers crossed for a nationwide rollout soon.
I got a LG G4 and all I get is 4G.
i seem to get it all the time now, in norwich, leicester peterborough, all over the place nowadays
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