o2 and mobile contract help needed??

    My o2 contract ends in october.......ive just got an iphone which im using with that contract.

    is it possible to ask to upgrade, get a new phone and a data package on my contract? even tho im 2 months shy of it ending?


    Hi there im not to sure about o2 but i have upgraded early with my network before it is only if you are cancelling altogether that they make you stick to the term of contract.i beleive it was either 6 weeks early or 2 months cant quite remember now it was a while ago.if you ring them they will tell you when the earliest time is you can go for a upgrade.hope this helps:thumbsup:

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    just need the data free...

    anyone know how much data is on o2 contract...says £1 per day or something does that mean even if u dont use it? if so that could be expensive


    If you are gonna use it much, you'd be better off buying a web bolt on.

    Then when your contract expires go for a £20 simplicty with 600 mins, ?texts and free web bolt on. (I assume you still get one free bolt on with this tariff. I know I have with mine!
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