O2 Any Money Saving Tips?

    I know, i shoulda searched, but "O2" is too short to search for

    I've just switched from T-Mobile to O2 (thanks to the "Free SIM Card" offer, although i've got no "free" £10!), and i'm really happy with the 300 free texts for topping up a tenner etc, i just want moar! :P

    I've seen they do deals on getting 10% of your topup back (done), the O2 "Treats" thing where you get a ring tone (oh yay!) and i've done the "tell us your details for £2" one.

    Anything else you could recommend?



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    No-one...? :'(

    these are from an old thread not sure if its all still relevant but hopefully helpful cheers.
    Following on from the o2 free texts, I thought I would share a few tips not everyone knows for o2 Pay&Go.

    When you first get your free o2 Pay&Go sim it has the standard calls & texts on it. This is not the best deal if you are a talker like me!

    Text your postcode to 22204 and you'll get o2 favourite place - 500 minutes to any UK mobile or landline subject to £10 top up per month.

    The bonus is this is meant to work only from your home postcode - but mine works over the whole of Leeds - 5 different postcodes! You know the call is free as it plays 'free call' before the ringtone.

    If you've been with o2 over 6 months you can activate o2 rewards - to join text REWARD to 5020. You get 10% back on your top ups credited back every 3 months - so for £30 (£10 per month) you get £3. You can have this activated *in addition* to your favourite place promotion!

    *Then* for customers over 6 months old you can have o2 treats in addition to the above - call 2211 (free) to hear what treat you can choose (monthly, no continuing charge). This varies from free voicemail 901 calls for a month, 30 texts, 30 minutes of calls and more.

    International callers can select the International Caller Bolt on FREE until 31 September 2007 by texting SAVEMONEY to 21300. This gives discounted calls (see for more)

    FINALLY Pay&Go customers will recieve 50 free text messages (to be used within 30 days) on their birthday - register at [url][/url] (it doesn't have to be your *official* birthday, if you missed out this year....)

    By using all the above I get a far better deal for £10 a month than some of my contract friends do on £15-20! Enjoy!


    text REWARD to 5020.

    The REWARD text is sent to 50202, not 5020

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    Thank ye, i'm really liking this network over T-Mobile now - i've sent 45 texts in two days, and have 255 left, and i've made a few calls and it's cost me nothing (...but the cost of T-Mobile charging me for getting my old number).

    That's £4.50 saved already - include the fact that i get a great signal, and the fact i got 35p via QuidCo, i'm very happy atm.

    PS - T-Mobile can go **** themselves

    If only this came with the £10 credit i thought it did...
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