o2 arena concerts how strict are they with id?

Posted 22nd Jun 2010
Never been the o2 before and its been a while since I've been to a gig. I managed to wangle some free bon jovi tickets thanks the HUKD, problem is I have no passport or drivers licence. I have a citizencard with an outdated picture on it (I have long black hair on it and my hair is now short and thinning out and back to its natural colour).

Thing is, Im 22 but look fairly old for my age. Do they ID everyone that comes in, would I get away with it or what? Im going to bring my birth certificate and any photocards and everything else I could possibly use with me anyway so hopefully it wont be an issue.

Hopefully its all good. Any advice is appreciated
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I can't vouch for the arena but at the o2 academy's I've been to they havn't really cared much.
i doubt it would that much hassle. Just take few bills down with you and whatever you got photo id wise. I went to the o2 when it first opened with bon jovi and staff were fine. Enjoy the show. Bon jovi's my fave band. Couldn't afford london but will be goin to glasgow next year
I've been there twice and never been asked for ID when entering.

You're going to a gig not leaving the country!


Although there is no minimum age for most events in The O2 arena (please … Although there is no minimum age for most events in The O2 arena (please see event details for specific restrictions), due to noise levels we do not recommend bringing very small children to shows. All persons - including children - must have paid, valid tickets for an event unless otherwise stipulated. Children aged 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult of 18 or older. Children under 16 cannot enter the standing area so must only purchase seated tickets.

Wow, how do you not have a passport?

Wow, how do you not have a passport?

Probably 'cos she's never applied for one.

Probably 'cos she's never applied for one.

Captain obvious saves the day!
Surely you can see the irony in that post!
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